Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cars I've driven part 2

Let's continue to the S500 story. It happened when I was working for one Embassy here in Romania. Beside other stuff that I did there, I also drove the ambassador to receptions, meetings and other embassy related stuff. In this place I first set foot in a truly expensive car. It was a Mercedes E300 4matic, a great car to drive especially in winter time. They had another car an S350 Mercedes made in 1995, excellent car, very quiet inside. Then the ambassador decided that it was time to upgrade and bought a 2007 S350 4matic S-Klasse, beige leather, dvd player, camera in the back for reverse (very useful sometimes). For one year I drove this car every day and I enjoyed every one of them. Now let's get to the story with the S500. The S500 was the personal car of an ambassador's friend. One morning they had to leave by plain and the ambassador's wife forgot her purse at home. We were already in the airport and the airplane was scheduled to take off in half an hour. I was given the S500 and told that I have to retrieve the purse very fast. That's all I wanted to hear - it was on. I left in a hurry using the S500's kick-down option. Damn that car can go (hit 200 km/h in a jiffy). It had grey leather interior, dvd, and all sorts of options - but what I enjoyed the most were that beautiful engine and the massaging seats. Imagine going like the wind and receiving a massage in the same time. I was in Heaven for sure. Just to finish, I delivered the purse in time and everybody was happy, especially me (that was a day I will never forget).

In my next posts I will try to present one vintage car at a time, displaying features, engines, pictures and other details.


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