Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cars I've driven

Hello everyone,

I'm back. I will write in English from now on so everybody can read my posts. Today I would like to tell you about some of the cars I've driven since '04, when the driver's license arrived in my hands (what a happy day that was :) ). My first car that I bought was a Dacia 1310 (a Romanian car), very rusted, basically a piece of crap. Drove it a few times and then my dad decided that is time to sell it for booze. The next car that I drove was a Daewoo Tico (with an 0.8 L engine), perfect for city driving, but very unstable when going out of city. I fell "in love" with this car and in the following posts you will see that I even bought one for me. Stay tuned, because a S500 Mercedes will come into picture later...

Please enjoy the videos that I've posted on my wall. Some great American machinery is described in them (especially the green Fastback Mustang - my all time favourite).


  1. but... de la conserva la dulap...tico-S500 .. e drum lung de la pamant la calea lactee ... bafta multa... insa de unde atata malai???